How to Migrate Unifi Controller

· by Victor Mendonça · Read in about 1 min · (148 words) ·

Quick instructions on how to migrate a Unifi controller on Linux. Note that it requires SSH access to the AP and a bit of downtime.

a. Logon to your old Unifi controller, go to Settings=>Auto Backup and download a backup

Note: Force a new backup if you have new changes

b. Browse to your AP, write down the IP address

c. Select the AP, go to Config=>Manage Device=>Forget this device and click on Forget (click ok on the alert)

d. Login to the new controller and on the first screen restore the backup you saved on step a

e. Once the controller is back up, SSH into the AP with the default user (ubnt:ubnt or root:ubnt) and run the following command (change [controler_ip] for the IP of your controller)

set-inform http://[controller-ip]:8080/inform

f. On the new controller, under devices, the AP should be showing for ‘adoption’. Click on ADOPT

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