Using Latte as a Dock in Kde

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Latte is a great «newish» dock for KDE that can be used as launching/task dock, or even completely replace your plasma panels. The dock is fast stable with a good «feel», and it fully supports plasma widgets.

I myself do not like the Apple like task docks. I prefer using docks for app launching and let my panels do the task management. I was looking for a fast dock for my Arch VM at work, and Latte was one of the best options. The only thing missing was how to remove the task manager option. But luckily I ended up finding a way on my own (which feels more of a bug, but I won’t get into it), and I’m sharing the instructions here.

a. Install latte-dock

$ pacman -Syu latte-dock

b. Start the dock (from the terminal or with Alt+F2)

c. Right click on the dock and click on «Add/Widgets». Add a widget (like the «Audio Volume» widget)

d. Right click on the dock again and click on «Dock/Panel Settings»

e. Remove the «Latte Widget»

F. Now try to drag an application icon (like from /usr/share/applications) to the dock. If that does not work, try opening and closing the «Dock/Panel Settings». It will eventually let you add the application icon (hence why I said it seems like a bug). Once the first application shortcut has been added you can drag more.

Here’s a gif animation of the whole process.

code with